Shopping Tips for Buying Mattresses for Back Pain

A new mattress is a necessary purchase and takes some thought and money. A quality mattress is relatively expensive, but you buy one after a long time. In addition, a mattress plays a vital role in your life since you will spend about a third of it sleeping.

After all, a supportive, comfortable mattress promotes a good night’s sleep, which in turn helps you function better during the day and manage chronic back pains. Singapore citizens take sleep matters very seriously. And with the long office hours of working, mattresses for back pain alleviation are highly sought after. So, if you are in the market for a new mattress, these tips will help you in selecting one that works for your needs.

Know Your Size

It’s a no brainer if you are buying a replacement, the old size applies. However, if you are buying one for a new bed, knowing the size to buy is essential. For instance, a twin bed can’t sleep two people comfortably. A bed for a couple should be spacious; therefore, a queen or a king size is better. Also, your bedroom space will determine the size you will get. Get measurements of your bedroom first as it will determine the bed size.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you suffer from chronic back pains, it’s essential to consult with your doctor who will recommend the best fit for your needs. Doctors are not mattress professionals, but they know your medical issues and will probably have some good advice from that point of view.

Try before you Buy

Yes, you need to lie on that mattress and take it out for a test. Stretch out and lie on it the way you would usually sleep. Feel the firmness, and the size to see how it performs. If you are planning to buy online, it’s advisable to test it in the showroom first.

Mattress sellers will label a mattress as orthopedic, but there is no medical organization that certifies these labels. They may have orthopedic friendly features but this can’t be verified. Therefore, the only way to know if the mattress will work is to test it.

Ask for Returns and Trial Periods

Even after trying the mattress in the store, the real test comes by sleeping on it for a few nights. That is why most sellers have a trial period, typically 30-100 days with free returns. In any case, if you find the mattress not to be comfortable for you, you can return it with a full refund or exchange it for another. You may incur a restocking fee if you exercise this option; still, a trial period is crucial especially if you are buying online.

Know Your Options

There are several types of mattresses, the most common being innerspring, memory foam and hybrids that combine the two.

Each mattress has its strengths and weaknesses. Innerspring is fairly priced and offer excellent support for back pain. On the downside, they are not durable.

Memory foam mattress comes in different densities for the users who prefer soft to firm mattresses. They are more expensive and provide excellent cushioning for back and joints.

 Hybrids come with springs with a foam overlay, giving the best of both foam and innerspring models. They are expensive, but an inferior hybrid will give you the worst of both.

A good mattress is not cheap, so is your health, especially if you suffer from back pains. It may be expensive, but the right mattress you serve you for a long time.  

Things to Consider while Choosing a Mattress Brand

Do you know that how well you sleep is determined by several factors, one of which is: the quality of your mattress. Waking up with an aching spine and back after a hectic day to face yet another tankful day isn’t what one would want to encounter, hence the need to make a great choice of a super mattress. To achieve this, price would be the last thing to consider.

However, the most important thing to consider is a good mattress, its make-up and size. A rather “too soft” or “too hard” mattress will leave you with back and spine aches every morning. Trying some mattresses for some nights to be able to ascertain how it feels, and how comfortable you are is advisable.

Visiting a Mattress Showroom or Retailer

On the contrary, you wouldn’t like shopping for a mattress when you’re tired because when you’re tired, any mattress will feel good. However, one should not rush into this decision. Take time to rest on each mattress that you are considering. Visit different warehouses and retailers to seek advice and test these mattresses. There might also be available deals and offers only available at the retailer so don’t be shy to ask for discounts or sales.

Shopping Online for your Mattress

For some, shopping online is the way to go. If you seek convenience and already know what kind of mattress you want, then buying your mattress online is good: Some online retailers offer money-back guarantees and periods of trial. Always check for an additional price tags or delivery, and that would be your final total amount to pay.

Know the Types of Mattresses Available

You should also spend time researching on the different types of mattresses available now in the market. Innerspring, foam, latex, adjustable, mixed, cooling gel, memory foam, pillow or plush tops and even air beds are some of the varied options available for sale in the mattress world today.

In sum, your choice of mattress should be soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to give support and allow you to have a great night’s sleep. Considering the pocket friendliness is also another important factor of consideration. All the best in finding the mattress right for you!

Dimensions of King and Queen Size Mattresses in Singapore

Globally, the dimensions of a king’s size and queen’s size mattress are not constant. Neither do they follow a universal basic or standard principle; however, its dimensions are geographically and culturally determined which depicts the uniqueness of its people. 

Standard king and queen size mattresses differ in width, but not in length. While a king-sized mattress offers more than enough space for stretching out, a queen size mattress gives you a lot of space too, just not as much as the king-sized bed. This makes a queen size mattress a better option if your room is not so spacious.

Therefore, Singapore standard king size mattress is 72in by 75in (180cm by 190cm). While the queen size is 60in by 75in (150cm by 190cm).

A few variations to the queen size that might interest you include the Olympic queen, also known as the expanded queen, which measures 66in by 80in (167.6cm by 203cm); just half a foot longer than the standard size.

The split queen mattress is another non-standard variation of the queen size. It stands out because it is split down the middle. This means that you can adjust each half to suit various needs and situations.

Finding the right fit mattress for you is one of the most important sleep related decisions that you will ever make. Not only does it affect you and your sleep health, but also your family and spouse. The type and size of bed chosen are important steps to a healthy relationship life and physical body health.

Why DIY Methods Should Be Avoided

You make your house look its best with elegant furniture and beautiful dcor, yet many face the problem of pest infestation as though it is the inevitable. Despite various effects, you may still face obstacles while trying to get rid of the uninvited guest. Today, our go-to remedy for all problems is the internet where we read a lot about DIY methods and feel like the superheroes that can save the day.

There are methods that guarantee to work, but the truth is they have more cons than pros. DIY methods that should be avoided are:-

1)Liquid sprays

The oldest method known to man is the liquid spray. A combination of harmful liquids are mixed in certain proportions and to strayed on the affected areas of the house to the entire house. This helps in termite control for a period of time (for 2 to 6 months depending on the liquid used). But due to the chemicals used in the liquid, it has an adverse effect on your health. The fumes given out by the spray is toxic to the human body and a constant inhalation of it can pose as a death threat. Asthmatic patients and children are advised not to be in the rooms where these types of spray are used.

2)Treatment by creating barriers

In this method, you create barriers for the pest by strategically drilling holes in the wall and insert a paste, injecting the chemicals into the soil and/or applying the chemicals thoroughly in the basement. Though this method seems to keep the pest at bay, you cannot terminate the problem completely. This method has to be repeated on a regular basis, which proves to be inconvenient, time-consuming but most of all the chemicals are likely to cause damages to the wall or soil that it is used on.

3)Baiting systems

The technique is known to be the most effective as it deals with decolonizing the pest. When the chemicals are introduced to the pests, the young ones are affected and are unable to survive the toxins. The queen and the older workers do not die by the toxins but after a period of time, when the older pests die a natural death, there are no other pests to take their place, so the colony eventually dies. There are many who claim that this method can be achieved as a DIY but that is not true. Manufacturers supply the needed chemicals for this method of treatment strictly to pest control companies.

Pest control is no longer as simple as it was decades ago. Termite problems have to be handled with care and caution. The understanding of pests and the proper methods to eradicate them is crucial.