When to See a Doctor About Dark Circles Under Eyes

The Causes

Dark circles are a commonplace unwelcome phenomenon and the traditionally believed culprit is either lack of rest or illness, but they can be caused by other factors as well. Heredity, allergies, eczema, stress, lifestyle choices like excessive smoking or drinking, skin pigmentation abnormalities etc. can lead to the formation of dark circles under the eyes. Another important cause is aging, which deprives the skin of elasticity and collagen; the skin becomes thinner and the circles darken and become more prominent. Aging can also lead to the formation of eye bags. Yet another cause of dark circles could be that the leaking blood from the blood vessels get oxidized causing swelling, dark circles and formation of bags under the eyes.

Are Dark Circles Symptoms?

In a few cases, dark circles may point to a serious medical condition requiring treatment. Sudden appearance of dark circles or the appearance of dark circles under one single eye that remains even after a few days require medical consultation.

The Psychological Factor

Apart from such serious situations that are rare, there is the problem of psychological impact caused by dark circles in most people. In spite of all traditional injunctions about not making appearance a factor in judging people, the truth is it happens more often than not. Hence, our concern about our appearance. Therefore, if the dark circles can be removed, it is best to attempt to do so, either by the more traditional home remedies if it is a temporary phenomenon or by cosmetic dark eye circle treatment procedures if it is caused by aging.

Available Options

Dark eye circle treatment obviously depends on its cause. However, for those who seek a remedy for dark circles caused by age, fillers are considered by a majority of dermatologists to be the best solution. It requires the skill of an experienced dermatologist for its effective application. Laser technology can been used but requires more than one session and is found to be less effective than fillers. There are many fillers available like Restylane or the more recent Redensity II, which is, in Canada, certified for the treatment of dark circles.

It is important to find an expert in the field whom you can trust and then seek his or her expert opinion on what would be best for you.