Dimensions of King and Queen Size Mattresses in Singapore

Globally, the dimensions of a king’s size and queen’s size mattress are not constant. Neither do they follow a universal basic or standard principle; however, its dimensions are geographically and culturally determined which depicts the uniqueness of its people. 

Standard king and queen size mattresses differ in width, but not in length. While a king-sized mattress offers more than enough space for stretching out, a queen size mattress gives you a lot of space too, just not as much as the king-sized bed. This makes a queen size mattress a better option if your room is not so spacious.

Therefore, Singapore standard king size mattress is 72in by 75in (180cm by 190cm). While the queen size is 60in by 75in (150cm by 190cm).

A few variations to the queen size that might interest you include the Olympic queen, also known as the expanded queen, which measures 66in by 80in (167.6cm by 203cm); just half a foot longer than the standard size.

The split queen mattress is another non-standard variation of the queen size. It stands out because it is split down the middle. This means that you can adjust each half to suit various needs and situations.

Finding the right fit mattress for you is one of the most important sleep related decisions that you will ever make. Not only does it affect you and your sleep health, but also your family and spouse. The type and size of bed chosen are important steps to a healthy relationship life and physical body health.