Single vs Super Single Mattresses

single mattress in a modern child's bedroom

Buying A Single Mattress in Singapore

When buying a single mattress in Singapore, you need to ensure you know the difference in the dimensions of Singapore mattresses, American mattresses, Australian mattresses, and European mattresses. Although most of these mattresses share the same terms, such as king and queen size, the measurements vary. 

Singapore’s single mattress measures 91cm (w) x 190cm (l) (36 in x 75 in). The super single mattress is 107cm (w) x 190cm (l) (42in x 75in). The super single mattress is more popular because it has more space than the single mattress. However, if the room is small, a single mattress is ideal. 

When debating between a single and super mattress, it is important to note that even though the mattress lengths are the same, the super single mattress is 16 inches wider. So, you should expect to pay more and that it will occupy more space. You need to ensure the bed is the right size. 

The Pros And Cons Of A Single And Super Single Mattress

The single mattress has several advantages.

  • It takes less space, so it is suitable for small bedrooms.
  • It is cheaper than other mattress sizes.
  • It provides comfort to both adults and children. If the mattress is for an adult, you need to make sure there is room for movement since an average person turns at least a dozen times in his sleep. If the mattress size will affect sleep quality, it is best to go for a larger one. 

Unfortunately, the single mattress has its disadvantages. 

  • You can only use it for a short time. At some point, an adult may get uncomfortable if they put on weight or need a bigger mattress to share with a spouse. 
  • If you move to a larger room, you may need a larger bed or mattress. 
  • Someone with a bigger build, whether a teenager or an adult, will have difficulty sleeping on a single mattress, especially if he or she is a restless sleeper. 

Advantages Of The Super Single Mattress

  • It is an excellent option for people who are too big for the single mattress, which is 91cm wide but too small for the queen-sized mattress. 
  • It offers more space for children who turn a lot. 
  • It has a small difference in price for the extra inches, so it might be a better option than the single mattress. 
  • Growing kids are likely to use the super single mattress for longer than the single mattress. 

Interestingly, besides Singapore, the other countries with the super single mattress are Japan and China. However, the measurements differ. Japans’ super single mattress is longer and wider at 195cm x 110cm (77in x 43in). China’s super single mattress is longer but narrower, at 200cm x 100cm (79in x 39in)

So, instead of ordering a mattress based on the terms used, it is best to look at dimensions, especially if you do not know if you are buying a Singapore mattress or one with standard measurements of a different country. 

The decision to buy a single or super single mattress is personal. Several factors, such as the bed and room size, will influence your choice. So, you need to ensure you have all the information, including dimensions, so that you can make the right choice.